Hey, I’m Gabriel! Thank you for visiting my page!

Yoga has a deep meaning to me. I grew up in gymnastics and dance, nurturing a competitive mentality and aiming the perfection. Yoga plays an important role my life, allowing me to fully recognize my body, my movements and be proud of how I’m able to express myself. That’s my mission with my students - hold a sacred space so you can fully express yourself, with love and gratitude <3

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Yoga to empower your life.

The journey of Yoga for me has been intensively beautiful. Getting to know me while I get to know others. Bali was my starting point in this journey, and I’ve taken my practice and faith to India, NY, California and I’m sure Mother Nature will blow beautiful winds on my way, letting me connect to as many people out there as possible!

I couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to share my passion with you.


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pictures by Gira Lister